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        We are CTR
        CTR Market Research is a joint ventureof China International Television Corporation (CITVC) and Kantar Group. We are committedto integrating China's localized experience with advanced technologies in the world to provide comprehensivemarket trend analysis as well as value-added insight. Through continuous survey and customized research, we share our in-depth understanding of the business climatewith our clients to make better marketing decisions. Our services run across various fields of expertise, including media management, branding and communication strategies, consumer insight and so on. We have notably the authoritative third party status and relevant monetary products in fields of 360-degree marketing and monitoring, measurement of consumers' buying and using behavior, media and consumer behaviors and media valuation. Our strengths can be further applied to the media convergence, OTT smart TVs, short form video、cross-platform communication and other marketing areas.

        Our network of survey and monitoring covers 500 cities in China, with our online survey community containing 4 million self-owned and cloud samples and about 260,000 PC and mobile devices having installed our behavior monitoring software. We take the lead by our research models and technologies in brand communication, consumer insight as well as Internet and advertising monitoring. As one of the first qualified foreign-related survey agencies approved by the National Bureau of Statistics of China, CTR participated in the drafting of two national standards for market survey industry, GB / T26315 and GB / T26316. Internationally, we have been certified by ISO9001 and acted in line with the ISO20252 which provides standards for the market survey industry. With all our efforts and achievements,CTRhas been identified as the high-tech enterprise of Beijing Municipality for many years in a row.

        For further information, please visit our official website at www.palanciuc.com,or follow our official account on WeChat (ID: chinainsight).

        CTR at a Glance
        Our Experts

        Xu li jun

        General Manager of CTR
        Marketing consists of a series of actions as a result of strategic thinking with a clear purpose. Marketing activities must be built upon sound understanding of the market, its trends and its consumers. The Digital Age is ushering the industry into a new era, one that is characterized by the cross-media touch points, precise audience targeting and consumer behavior analysis.

        May Zhao

        Media is a cross point where brands and consumerscommunicate and interact. Continuous content monitoring across all touch points allows us to trace brand communication tactics in a direct and timely manner. Marketing intelligence is the key to understand competitors in our industry and help to determine an effective communication plan. As an old Chinese saying tells us, you will never lose a battle if you know yourself and know your enemy.

        Tao Jiang

        Media Marketing
        In the era of information fragmentation, one of the most important strategies of media marketing is “At the right time, through the right media, impress the right person.

        Jason Yu

        Shopper’s Buying and Usage Behavior
        Retailing in China is evolving rapidly. The emergence of new channels and new technology, changes in consumers’ habits and tastes, and the rise of consumption power in lower tier cities are all driving suppliers and retailers to re-think their approach to win the Chinese shoppers. In the world of the shoppers, understanding fundamentally how they shop and what motivate them to buy is essential before any strategy can be formulated.

        Harry Liu

        Integrated Marketing
        As someone who has worked in advertising, media and market research, Harry has a keen sense for changes in the market and changes in consumer needs. Integrated marketing is better understood as a form ofinnovative brand strategy. Knowledge and skills can be acquired, but without innovation in your genes, you won't accomplish much with integrated marketing. Because of this, the big trend in market research nowadays is “fostering innovative thinking”. I like to think of it as opening new territories in integrated marketing, through the detailed analysis of trends and deep insight into the unknownworld of the future.
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