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        Brand Communication Strategy

        The fast pace of modern lifestyle forces every social?member to compress their time. The fragmentation of multi-device interactive media contact behavior?and the consumer demand in pursuit of experience are thus driving the trend of brand marketing strategy. How can brands achieve genuine and profound interactions with their target consumers? How does?CTR trace and evaluate the effects of advertising placement and media investment? CTR brings you a?marketing decision basis.

        CTR measures the pulses of brands, recognizes the brand development of our clients as well as our clients' competitors, and develop appropriate communication strategies accordingly. Through our services, CTR provides continuous impetus to?improve our clients’ product and service value.?The enhanced understanding of brands helps the advertisers and brand managers to maximize their advertising investment benefits.

        Brand Endorsement
        Developed in conjunction with VR Company, CTR's Brand Endorsement research is an ongoing study of celebrities in China and abroad. Insights gained are used by advertising companies, enterprises, television stations, and others when picking celebrity spokespersons or program stars. The study is based on a survey of 1,200 individuals between the age of 15 and 45, living in Beijing, Shanghai, or Guangzhou. The survey assesses and records subject impressions of more than 300 notable personalities of celebrities both in China and abroad.


        Brand Positioning
        CTR's Brand Positioning service identifies the full capacity of consumer needs?that our clients’ brands fulfill or potentially fulfill to facilitate building their brands strong and differentiated. Using the resulting insights, our clients’ uniquely characterized and differentiated brand position meets the most underlying requirements of consumers.

        Brand Health
        CTR helps our clients assessing the health of their brands and understanding the reasons behind the changes in key brand indicators. Utilizing a unique brand diagnosis model, ad monitoring data, and brand performances regular evaluations results, CTR provides professional insights and advice to our clients, assisting them in building their brands. 


        Public Opinion Monitoring
        Through its professional monitoring technology, CTR provides our clients with public opinion monitoring and communication analysis services on TV, radio, Internet, Weibo, WeChat, APP, as well as designated e-commerce websites.


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