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        The consumption market in China possesses enormous potential and various demands from Chinese consumers. Lifestyles and consumption behaviors of consumers from different cities at distinct ages, and with multiple values sharply differ. How can we track the exact lifestyle and consumption behavior of our target consumers? How can we realize consumers' truthful evaluations of products and services? CTR consumer research brings you detailed explanations.

        Kantar Worldpanel, a CTR service in China, is a world-leading continuous consumer research panel. Kantar Worldpanel tracks real buying and usage habits of consumers in the FMCG market in China. Kantar Worldpanel comprehensively monitors the FMCG buying channels and the in-store performance of major retailers to provide our clients with specific and real-time marketing information and in-depth consumer and retailer insights.


        Accompanying Shopping Behavior Research
        Drives of shopping behavior can be analyzed by outlining the actual walking route of consumers and the influencing elements (environmental display and promotion) in the store when choosing products, to provide decision-making basis for category management and in-store display, and provide reference basis for expanding the shopping basket of consumers.

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