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        China Insight

        With the inevitable globalization of the world economy, China's economy development grows rapidly. Today, China is one of the world's most promising emerging markets in terms of future prospects and development potential. While the rise of living standards and the popularization of the internet have pushed us into a period of rapid change that impacts our daily lives. As Chinese consumption power raises and the market is gradually maturing. We start to see the trend shifting from “Made in China” to “Made for China”. In the process, the needs of understanding Chinese consumers are becoming an increasingly decisive factor in determining brand positioning and advertising demands.

        As one of the leading market research providers in China, CTRfocuses exclusively on the China market. Its area of expertise includes brand communications, media management, and consumer insight. With our rich local market experience and penetrating analysis of market trends, CTR provides companies with tracking, analysis and market insights, aiming to help them understand the needs and wants of their customers, so they can make more effective business decisions.

        China Insight consists of a series of brand initiatives that aims to help companies & marketers gain better understanding of Chinese markets and Chinese consumers, partnering to win in China!

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