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        The release of 2017 Report on China Marketing Trend by Advertisers

        In the 13th China Advertising Forum held in Wuhan, China, May 18th, 2017, CTR Market Research, Advertising School of CUC (Communication University of China) and Chinese NIA (National Institute of Advertising ) co-released the 2017 Report on China Marketing Trend by Advertisers. It is the ninth year for CTR Market Research, as the pioneer and forerunner in the field of advertising research, to release such report on the marketing trend of advertisers.

        Advertisers remain both the starting point of media industrialization and the first domino sitting in the entire industrial chain in the advertising market. “Advertisers need to be asked to respond to and dispel people’s doubts, no matter what challenges they are encountering. We’ve to find the rooted causes and return to the beginning——to study the advertiser.” Commented by Xu Lijun, the executive director & managing director of CTR Market Research.

        This report provides readings on a series of important discoveries evidenced by the confidence of advertisers, their marketing and the distribution of media budget and the basis of their media selection. It discloses that 2017 has witnessed advertisers’ rising confidence in national economy and the rebound on their expectation towards the sectorial economy and business performance. Despite the increase of marketing budget shares slows, over 80% of them are either on the rise or remaining flat. According to survey, advertisers focus more on the display advertisement and terminal promotion which are easier to be measured.

        Through the lens of the media budget distribution, television proves to own the lion’s share, outdoor media and the Internet terminals enjoy an obvious increase, and paper media present a trend of rebound. In addition, the survey indicates that larger businesses with higher advertisement input tend to arrange a budget where traditional media occupy a larger percentage. For those enterprises with an annual budget exceeding 100 million yuan, traditional media overtakes 65% amongst the advertisement budget. The special analysis has been conducted in respect of the product placement and the development trend of smart TV, both of which are in vogue recently. In 2017, expectations are that a great proportion of advertisers may elevate their spend in product placement. Meanwhile, advertisers extremely fret about the effect of product placement, making it necessary to dispel doubts through complete assessment system of product placement, improvement of brand engagement and the involvement of advertisers, etc.  

        In 2016, 23% of advertisers chose OTT/IPTV advertisement delivery. Nearly half of the OTT/IPTV advertisement deliveries have been achieved by advertisers whose advertising budget outnumbers 500 million. What is possible is that we may see an explosive growth in future. On the other hand, the prudent attitude harbored by advertisers puts a brake on the evolvement of emerging media. In particular, the absence of unified regulations and object assessment data causes challenges in producing the true and just evaluation, largely restraining a bunch of advertisers who are ready to “taste fresh foods” and invest with budget. In regard to the foundation of media selection for advertisers, the link between target buyers and audience has been ranked first for many consecutive years, followed by such quantitative indexes as the price/performance ratio, ratings, as well as traffic. A big change occurring this year is that advertisers are paying more attention to the influence of media brand, emphasizing to a larger extent on the advertising strategy integrating quality and effectiveness.  

        Advertisers, as a whole, are becoming more practicable and intelligent, while less fickle and blind in 2017. In addition, they put more emphasis on the establishment and improvement of the new standard in this sector under new situation. In light of this, China’s advertising market will gradually return to the stable trajectory for rational development following a rapid change.  


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