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        Which Enterprises Have Gained the Bonus of OOH (Out-of-Home) Advertisements?

        As people’s livelihood improves, they tend to favour out-of-home activities with more vigour as evidenced by shopping and self-driving tour, thus creating spaces for advertising in all forms of media. According to CTR Market Research, a joint venture between CITIVC and Kantar World Panel focusing on the market research, OOH advertising has maintained its reach rate as high as 84% in recent three years.

        Larger scale of flowing people means more frequent deliveries of OOH advertisement. In the survey of advertisers marketing trend, the interviewed advertisers spent 17% of their budget on OOH media in 2016. And in 2017, the budget cost has increased by 9 percentage point comparing with that of 2014.In the first five months in 2017, all OOH media are performing well. In May, OOH advertisement rose to a record high in this year in terms of the increase per month.

        SMEs Spend More on OOH Advertisement  

        Based on the research, small-and-medium sized and micro enterprises, with their sale size as belowe 5 billion RMB, put 20% of their ad investment in OOH advertising.

        Medium-sized Enterprises Dominating the Traditional OOH Advertising

        Among the top 20 businesses in spending on OOH advertising from January to April in 2017, it isfound that 15 of them are medium-sized enterprises. And a large proportion of these companies’ve shown their loyalty to OOH advertising. 

        New Versions of OOH Advertisements Unveiled

        According to CTR Media Intelligence, industries like e-commerce and FMCG prove more willing to do advertising in a simplified manner, with a distinctive theme, aiming to attract consumers. In so doing, they can both conduct branding and also the marketing activities.  

        To see is to believe. In the first four months in 2017, e-commerce companies accounted for half of the new versions of traditional OOH advertising by presenting brand-new promotion topics almost in each month. For example, the 3.8 Queen’s Day created by Tmall.

        The OOH New Media Becoming More Appealing to Small and Medium-sized Emerging Enterprises

        OOH new media in different locations have their respective features of people. Elevator-based TV-and-poster attracts more advertisers in field of e-commerce, food, tourism and car. Cinema-based video increased the delivery of advertisement of mobile apps and cosmetics. While traffic-based video media appeal to social networking software to a larger degree.

        OOH Media in Specific Scenes Emerging as a New Trend

        A large quantity of immediate demands is surfacing on a daily basis when consumers walk between home, company, supermarket, as well as cinema, leading to lots of consumption behaviours. And the internet and smart phone provide a solution to the development of the OOH media along with relevant demands of consumption. Each scene has become the engagement point of OOH marketing where the technological experience and emotional connection are clearly shown. According to the survey studying the advertisers in China in 2017 by CTR Market Research, 74.8% of the advertisers interviewed agree that “it is becoming a trend to strengthen the sense of experience and interactivity in OOH media relying on technology”.

        We are also expecting the cooperation and coordination among OOH media, OOH advertisement creators and advertisers, enabling a wider population to access to the new OOH life in this digital era.


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