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        Media Intelligence (MI)

        CTR MI dedicates on the provision of the 360-degree marketing communication monitoring services. In partnership with KANTAR group, CTR MI learns from KANTAR’s world-leading experience and has established a media monitoring and execution network covering more than 500 cities of China. CTR MI thus can assist its clients in understanding and responding to the changes in the market.


        Service Content ?
        》The 360°marketing communication monitoring service helps brands?to effectively generate media schemes, upgrade media communication?strategies, and optimize advertising delivery returns. ?

        》The comprehensive media?marketing analysis realizes brands of the marketing competition environment and boosts their marketing performance. ?CTR MI provides public opinion monitor services like key news tracking, negative news alerting, and public relations?information evaluation.

        》CTR MI comprehensively supports its clients in crisis resolving, business intelligence gathering, and business reputation/public relations management. With CTR MI’s assistance, business owners can promote communication competitiveness and enhance media communication effects.


        Unique Advantages ?
        》Multi-dimensional data tracing and analysis, monetized communication value analysis ?
        》World-leading monitoring technology ?
        》Media monitoring and operation network covering more than 500 Chinese cities ?
        》Cross-media monitoring, including TV, newspapers, magazines, radio, the Internet, and a variety of outdoor digital media (such as elevator tv screens, elevator posts, films in theaters, and traffic videos) ?
        》Quick response service that operates 24h/7 days ?
        》Numerous advertising materials conducive in sparking creativities

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